Research Facilities

MRL’s facilities include multi axis and high speed machine tools, inspection equipment, variety of sensors, CAD/CAM, CAE software etc. In addition to research and teaching activities, we also manufacture precision and complex parts in our labs.


DMU 75 MONOBLOCK 5-axis Milling Center(20.000 rpm)

Max. X travel: 750 mm, Max. Y travel: 650 mm,

Max. Z travel: 560 mm, Max. table load: 600 kg

Table diameter: 650 mm

DMG 5-axis Milling Center(18.000 rpm)

X-axis Travel: 19.7inch, 500mm                 B1 Axis 108.000 Deg.
Y-axis Travel: 17.7inch, 450mm                 C1 Axis 360.000 Deg.
Z-axis Travel: 15.7inch, 399mm

Mori Seiki NL 1500 Turning Center

Applicable Chuck Size: 6inch
Max. Turning Diameter: 15.1inch, 386mm
Max. Turning Length: 20.2inch, 515mm
X-axis Travel: 10.2inch, 260mm
Z-axis Travel: 23.2inch, 590mm
Max. Spindle Speed: 6,000 rpm

MAZAK NEXUS 510 CII Milling Center(12.000 rpm)

Table Size: 1300 mm x 550 mm
X-axis Travel: 1050mm
Y-axis Travel: 510mm
Z-axis Travel: 635mm

Mori Seiki NTX2000, 9 Axis CNC

Applicable Chuck Size: Spindle1=8inch
Max. Turning Diameter: 24.0inch, 610mm
Max. Turning Length: 60.6inch, 1,540mm
X-axis Travel?Tool Spindle): 19.5inch, 495mm
Y-axis Travel?Tool Spindle): ±4.9inch, ±125mm
Z-axis Travel?Tool Spindle): 61.4inch, 1,560mm
B-axis (Tool Spindle): ±120mm (°)
Max. Spindle Speed: 5,000 rpm
Max. Tool Spindle Speed: 12,000 rpm
Tool Storage Capacity: 38

KERN Evo(50,000 rpm)

Precision according to VDI/DGQ 3441:
Resolution 0.1 µm (0.0000039″)
Positioning Scatter PS ±0.5 µm (0.0000196″)
Positioning Tolerance P ±1.0 µm (0.0000393″)
Precision on the Workpiece (3-axis) ±2.0 µm (0.0000787″)
Travel X/Y/Z = 300/280/250 mm (11.81/11.02/9.84″)
Clamping Area max. 350 x 230 mm (13.78 x 9.06″)
Workpiece Weight max. (3-axis) 50 kg
Feed Rate 0.01-16,000 mm/min (0.00039-629.92 “/min)
Acceleration 8 m/s² (314.96 “/s²)

Chevalier –  SMART- H/B818

Table Size 8″ x 18″
Max Grinding Length Longitudinal 18″
Max Grinding Width Crosswise 8″
Max Distance from Table Surface to Spindle Center-line 17.5″
Least Input Increment 0.0001″
Spindle Speed 7,000rpm
Spindle Power Rating 4HP
Repeatability 0.0001″
Positioning Accuracy 0.0001″


Mitutoyo CMM Crysta-Apex S 776

Mitutoyo CMM Euro-C-A544, Revo-head

MPEe= ±(1.7+0.3L/100)µm
Scanning Head and Probing Applications
X-axis Travel: 500mm
Y-axis Travel: 400mm
Z-axis Travel: 400mm

Schneider WM400 Optical CMM

E1= (1.9+L/100 mm)µ
E2= (2.9+L/100 mm)µ
E1Z= (3.9+L/100 mm)µ
X-axis Travel: 400mm
Y-axis Travel: 200mm
Z-axis Travel: 200mm

Nano Focus uSurf Non-Contact 3D Profilometer

X-axis Travel: 50mm
Y-axis Travel: 50mm
Z-axis Travel: 75mm

WERTH UA 400 Ultra High Precision CMM

Precision Under 1 micron
Stabilized Room Temperature Between ±0.1°C
X-axis Travel: 400mm
Y-axis Travel: 400mm
Z-axis Travel: 250mm

Solutionix C500 3D Scanner

Camera resolution 2 x 5.0 MP

Point spacing: 0.028 – 0.157 mm

3D scanning area (FOV):  90 / 175 / 350 / 500 mm

3D scanning principle: Phase-shifting optical triangulation

Dimension: 315 x 270 x 80 mm (Scanner only)

Weight: 2.3 Kg (Scanner only)

Light source: Blue LED

Interface: USB 3.0 B type

Power: AC 100-240V, 47-63 Hz

Digital Microscope ShuttlePix P-400R

Magnification: 20x-400x (magnification on dedicated 17″ Monitor)

Optical zoom ratio: 20:1

CCD: 1/1.8″ color CCD

Total pixels Approx.:  2.11Mp

Effective pixels Approx.: 1.98Mp

Storage format: TIFF, JPEG (Compressibility 3steps)

Storage media: SD/SDHC Memory Card *Support up to 16GB

LCD Monitor: 2.7″ TFT LCD

Light source: White light LED Capable of choosing 4 illumination directions

Actual FOV: Maximum diagonal field of view 20mm

Working Distance: 29mm

Tool function: Scale display


Kistler Rotating Multicomponent Dynamometer

Type 9123C1111

Measuring Range (Mz) kN·m -0.2000 … 0.2000
Measuring Range (Fx) kN -5 … 5
Measuring Range (Fy) kN -5 … 5
Measuring Range (Fz) kN -20 … 20
Speed (Max) 1/min 10000
Operating Temperature Range °C 0 … 60
Diameter mm 115.0
Number of Axes 4

Kistler Piezo-Dynamometer with Built-in Charge Amplifier

Type 9257BA

Measuring Range (Fx) kN -5.00 … 5.00
Measuring Range (Fy) kN -5.00 … 5.00
Measuring Range (Fz) kN -5.00 … 10.00
Operating Temperature Range °C 0 … 60
Length mm 170.0
Width mm 100.0
Height mm 60.0
Number of Axes 3

Kistler Piezo-Dynamometer with Large Measuring Range

Type 9129AA

Measuring Range (Fx) kN -10.00 … 10.00
Measuring Range (Fy) kN -10.00 … 10.00
Measuring Range (Fz) kN -10.00 … 10.00
Operating Temperature Range °C 0 … 70
Length mm 150.0
Width mm 107.0
Height mm 32.0
Number of Axes 3
Degree of Protection IP 67

PCB Piezotronics Modal Analysis Sets

Impact Hammers – Various Sizes

Accelometers – Various Sizes

BNC Boards

Keyence Laser Sensors

Type: LK – G5001PV

Laser Displacement Sensor with Sub-Micron Resolution

Measuring Range  : -5mm to +5mm

Total Range : 10 mm

KTaylor Hobson – Form Talysurf 50

Surface Profile measurement