Completed Thesis

Ph.D. Thesis Supervision

1. Ü. Karaguzel, Geometrical, Force and Thermal Modeling of Turn-Milling Operation, ITU, 2016, (co-supervised).

2. E. Çakır, Dik ve Eğik Kesme İşlemenin Termomekanik Modellenmesi ve Torna İşlemine Uygulanması, ITU, 2016, (co-supervised).

3. O. Özsahin, Investigation and Modeling of Dynamic Behavior of Machine Under Operating Conditions, METU (co-supervised with Prof. H. N. Özgüven-METU), March 2014.

4. T. Tunc, Development of Analytical Methods for Strategy Selection and Process Optimization in Multi-Axis Machining Applications, August 2010.

5. E. Ozturk, Modeling Dynamics of Multi Axis Machining Processes, August 2010.

6. E. Ozlu, Analytical Modeling of Cutting Process Mechanics and Dynamics for Simulation of Industrial Machining Operations, 2008.

7. E. Turkes, Identification and Modeling of Process Damping in Dynamic Cutting, Osman Gazi Univ., 2007, (co-supervised).

M.Sc. Thesis Supervision

1. M. Gürtan, Kinematic and Dynamic Modeling of Grinding Processes, 2018

2. A. Bagherzadeh, Experimental Investigation of Alternative Cooling Methods in Machining Operations, 2017.

3. Y. Mohammadi, On Dynamics of Multi-mode Systems: Process Damping Effect & FRF Modification, 2017.

4. M.H. Yaqoob, Measurement and Prediction of Errors for a Three Axis Machine Tool Through Metrology Feedback, 2017.

5. E. Yuksel, The Effect of Linear Guide Representation for Topology Optimization on a Five-axis Milling Machine, 2017.

6. G. Bulgurcu, Selection of Micro Milling Conditions for Improved Productivity and Part Quality, 2017.

7. M. Azvar, Multi-Dimensional Chatter Stability of Parallel (Simultaneous) Turning Operations, July 2017.

8. M. Kocaefe, Temperature and Force Modeling on Grinding, 2017

9. B. Yastıkcı, Investigation of tool wear in grinding processes, 2017

10. C. Özener, Thermal modeling and experimental verification of actively driven rotary turning process, 2017

11. M. Albayrak, Investigation of machine tool rigidity through measurements and FEA, 2016

12. S. Bilgen, Modelling and optimization of multi-axis machining process considering cnc motion limitations, 2016

13. T. K. Yalcin, Thermal modelling of high speed machine tool spindles, 2016

14. H. Bakioğlu, Modeling of cutting process for precision milling, 2015

15. E. Uysal, Analytical and experimental investigation of orthogonal turn-milling processes, 2015

16. M. E. Kara, Modeling and optimization of turn-milling processes for cutting parameter selection, 2015

17. D. Aslan, Modeling of grinding process mechanics, 2014

18. U. Yiğit, Chatter Reduction in Boring Process by Using Piezoelectric Shunt Circuits, February 2014 (Co-supervised with Prof. E. Ciğeroğlu-METU)

19. C. Çelebi, Experimental Investigation and Force Modeling of Orthogonal Cutting with The Effect of Third Deformation Zone, January 2014.

20. U. Olgun, Experimental Investigation of Rotary Turning Process, August 2013.

21. A. Çomak, Dynamics and Stability of Multi Delay Machining Systems, July 2013.

22. R. Koca, Mechanic, Dynamics and Optimization of Special End Mills, August 2012.

23. V. Aran, Modeling of Micro Milling Process Dynamics, August 2011.

24. O. Ozkirimli, Modeling of Complex Milling Operations Using Generalized Milling Tool Geometries for Process Simulation Purposes, Jan. 2011.

25. S. Alan, Modeling of Part Dynamics in Machining and Implementation in Process Planning for High Performance, September 2009, METU (co-supervised with Prof. H.N. Özgüven-METU).

26. B. Aksu, Experimental And Analytical Investigation on Mechanics of Metal Cutting Including Edge Forces, 2008.

27. O. Ozsahin, An Investigation on Dynamic Contact Parameters in Machining Center Spindle Tool Assemblies, METU 2008, (co-supervised with Prof. H.N. Özgüven-METU).

28. S. Atlar, Modeling Part Dynamics in Machining Processes Considering Material Removal, METU 2007, (co-supervised with Prof. H.N. Özgüven-METU)

29. A. Erturk, Dynamic Modeling of Spindle-Tool Assemblies in Machining Centers, Middle East Technical University (METU), 2006 (co-supervised with Prof. H.N. Özgüven-METU).

30. T. Tunc, Geometrical Analysis and Optimization of 5-Axis Milling Processes, 2006.

31. E. Ozturk, Modeling 5-axis Milling Forces and Form Errors, 2005.

32. E. Cimren, Development of a Machine Tool Selection System, (co-supervised with B. Çatay), 2004.

33. U. Kokturk, Optimization of Broaching Tool Design, 2004.

34. H. Keskin, Rapid Modeling of Multi Stepped Rotor Dynamics, 2004.

35. M. Kayhan, Tool Wear Under Dynamic Cutting Conditions, 2004.

36. O. Ozturk, Modeling of Broaching Process, 2003.

37. E. Kivanc, Modeling of Machine-Tool Holder-Tool Dynamics for Prediction and Improvement of Milling Stability, 2003.

38. B. Delibas, Identification of Error Sources and Improving Precision in Turning Process, 2002.

39. C. Arslan, An Intelligent System for Machine Tool Selection, (co-supervised with B. Çatay), 2002.