On Going Thesis

Ph.D. Thesis Supervision

  • Zahra Barzegar

Thermo-mechanical Modeling of Machining Processes

  • Faraz Tehranizadeh

Milling Processes Optimization, Tool Design Optimization, Mechanics and Dynamics of Special Milling Tools

  • Kaveh Rahimzadeh Berenji

Mechanics and Dynamics of Turn-Milling Operation

  • Hamid Jamshidi

Super Abrasive Machining (SAM) Process Modelling

M.Sc. Thesis Supervision

  • Gözde Bulgurcu

Micro Milling Applications

  • Amin Bagherzadeh

Alternative Cooling Methods in Machining Processes

  • Mert Gurtan

Super Abressive Machining(SAM), Grinding Process and Mechanics

  • Yaser Mohammadi

Dynamics of Machine Tools

  • Muhammad Hassan Yaqoob

Accuracy of Machine Tools, Determination of Errors in Machining Processes

  • Esra Yuksel

Machine Tool Topology Optimization, Machine Tool Design

  • Arash Ebrahimi

Broaching Process Thermo-Mechanical Modelling