ENS 201 Electromagnetics I

Review of vectors and mathematical background. Static and magnetic fields and electromagnetic
properties of materials. Faraday’s Law with applications to electromechanical systems.
Introduction to Maxwell’s equations and electromagnetic waves.

TE 305 Electromagnetics II

Electromagnetic induction, Maxwell’s equations, wave propagation in free space, guides,
reflections from perfect conducting and from dielectric interfaces, resonators/antennas.
Foundation for rf/microwave engineering.
Prerequisite: ENS 201

TE 401 Microwaves

Generation, transmission, control, and detection of electromagnetic waves.
Antennas, cavities, couplers. Path loss, multipath, modulation techniques.
Passive and active microwave devices, including filters, amplifiers, mixers,
couplers, power dividers, and diplexers, that constitute wireless communication systems
between the antenna and the digital signal processor.
Prerequisite: ENS 201

TE 402 Antennas and Propagation for Wireless Communication

Dipoles, loops, reflectors, Yagis, helices, slots, horns, microstrips.
Antennas as transitions between guided and free radiation, ultrasound analogue.
Pattern measurements. Radar equations. Feeds, matching, baluns. Broadbanding.
Arrays, aperture synthesis, interferometry, very-long- baseline interferometry.
Thermal radiation, antenna temperature, microwave passive remote sensing.
Prerequisite: ENS 201

EE 556 Antennas and Propagation

Radiation from a moving point charge.
Radiation from Thin-Wire Antennas with examples on pulse excitation and
time-harmonic excitation, arrays of linear antennas, aperture antennas,
microstrip antennas and applications to emerging telecommunication systems.

EE 633 Microwave Devices and Circuits

Very-high frequency behavior of electronic devices.
Avalanche, transferred electron, and acoustoelectric oscillators and amplifiers;
parametric interactions. General properties and design of nonlinear solid-state
microwave networks, including: negative resistance oscillators and amplifiers,
frequency convertors and resistive mixers, transistor amplifiers, power combiners,
and harmonic generators.